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Foto: Simin Kianmehr

Join the retreat
SEPT 28- OCT 5

embrace and validate your own  capacity as a channeler!

"I believe channeling exists to uplift, educate and change those who resonate with it."

We all can use our human ability to channel, to lift ourselves into higher states that can shift our feelings and helps seeing from a higher vantage point.

We are allowed, invited and equipped to be creative and interact with the universe. We only have to start the conversation and build the trust in ourselves.

What to expect

  • A week focused on channeling and creativity.

  • Step by step support and guidance of your process.

  • Investigation of different ways to channel.

  • Clarity about who you want to talk to and how you would like to build this relationship.

  • Time/ space in nature to relax, revitalize, channel, write, sketch...

  • Owning the messages you receive.

  • Kundalini Yoga and Breath Meditations in the morning.

  • Various modules and practical support.

  • Investigating as a group individual cases to gather viewpoints and information.

  • Freedom to choose from the program what you like. 



  • Channeling connects you to a voice of spirit.

  • With channeling you create connections with allies, and you find strength, joy, vision, serenity and much more within.

  • Channeling changes us permanently.

  • Channeling opens the soul perspective and the lens of the universe.

  • Channeling alignes you with your intuition.

  • Channeling grows self confidence. It strengthens you inner knowing and broadens your scope in many ways.

  • Channeling brings magic into your life!




La Sunyata.jpg
La Sunyata-buiten.jpg

What i wish to bring

I would love to initiate with you a daily channel routine.

Speaking daily to your soul, higher self or other chosen spirit consciousness will charge you energetically and uplift your frequency. The process of asking questions, receiving answers and writing both down, creates insight and trust. 

On this retreat we tap every day, into higher frequencies by connecting to different sorts of spirit consciousness. We broaden our spectrum of communication and dimensions.

The experiences you will make, help you to stay passionately  and focused, when you start your own (daily) routine at home. The routine will help you to remember forgotten knowledge, highten your intuition and whidening your perception.

​I want to support your process, help you to trust, to receive and believe.


La Sunyata,
the place of the retraite

The house is a farmhouse, over 300 years old. For generations it has been a goat farm. Over the centuries there have been parts added and it has been renovated with modern materials. The grasslands have been grazed by the goats and the forest was used to grow truffles.

La Sunyata is easy to reach with the train to Montelimar, followed by a little busride. We pick you up from the busstop.

885 Route des Hubacs
26160 Le Poët Laval

For more pictures and information about the place please please go to their website.

Costs of the retreat:

€ 650,00

You can pay in two or three installments.

The price includes all modules, food, drinks and place to sleep.

There is a maximum capacity of 8 participants.

You can bring your own tent/ camper or use one of the beds in a 2 or 3 pers. chamber.

There is one bathroom and several toilets.

The propperty also has a little river, where you can go to wash and refresh yourself:)


my own story

About twenty years ago I felt a presence around me. Like an invisible giant fly, something flew around me and demanded my attention. After weeks of resistance, I gave up, sat down on a chair and said: 'welcome'. I experienced a great explosion of light that quickly entered my head and shattered my mind into a million pieces.

Then a new voice was in my system and I started talking to it. It was a long process of learning, trusting and believing because it is not easy to believe and claim that an angel is spreading their energy into my system. I now feel comfortable and without doubt when I talk to that angel consciousness. They connect me with other dimensions and I gained a lot of trust and openes through the process of learning to believe. Perhaps the greatest gift I received through it, is an inner feeling of safety.

Starting the day anchored, energized & connected

Life seems to get faster every month. Change is all around. A daily moment to center yourself and conect with your guides is a beneficial choice. A daily channel-practice will bring you information, reassurance, love, connection and much more to flow with the fast stream of life.
Amongst other things it will bring to you mental stillness, recollection and expansion on many levels.

Let's create together some sustainable equanimity, health and natural expansion.

Foto: Simin Kianmehr
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