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4 banners: East, West, South, North

Type: Indoor banners
Material : Decotex
Print: 4/0 (one side full color)
Length: 60cm
Hights: 120cm                                                                                                                                                Open hem at the top and bottom and completely finished with sticks and hanging cord at the top. Cut clean on the sides; this makes fraying impossible. Perfect to decorate home or spaces for ceremonial purpose.

This banners are in honour of The Four Directions. I see it as a work of co-creation with the soul cluster I call The Rulers of The Four Directions.

The Ruler of The East is a helping force to express feelings, open the hearts and voice intimate feelings, unleash waves of elementary power to rebalance. 

The Ruler of The West carries the fire of intuition, the bridge from the visible to the invisible world. 

The Ruler of The South carries the promise of fertility and is a great ally in the process of grounding energy.

The Ruler of The North is a force that supports positive thoughts and a clear and focused mind. 



THE FOUR DIRECTIONS - 4 decotex banners

€ 556,00 Regular Price
€ 444,80Sale Price
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