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The base of all collages are one or more works on paper. I photograph the work and fuse it in Photoshop with photos and  illustration to build a collage that brings the painted spirits in their habitat. I want to create work that matches my own perception/ observation. I want others to experience all those forces around us, ready to help, support, guide and protect.

Galactical Ruler of the East small.jpg

Spirits of the Galaxy

Spirits of the Galaxy is a collection of 8 beautiful Spirits in their natural and galactic environment. These Spirits are a reflection of my artistic and spiritual journey of many years. It’s a symbiosis of one of a kind, hand painted Spirits and beautiful photography or vector images, brought to you as NFTs on the blockchain.


Each Spirit has its own story to tell that will be unique to its owner. The Spirit Guides are ready to help, support and protect you; when we open our eyes and souls to the potential that is right in front of us, a whole new world of friends and allies awaits us! 


A commissioned portrait is co-created with your Soul and specially channeled for you, through a process of divination. The Portrait is filled with symbols that reflect your specific connection with life and celebrate your uniqueness; embedded within the shared unity common to all human and beyond-human-kind. It’s your personal divination tool and a modern icon of your spiritual being.

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