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A Spitirual portrait

I love to visualise the magic of spiritual connections because I believe art can touch lives like nothing else can. It's always a joy to share my spiritual art as Soul Portraits, a personal painting of your inner spirit. I receive the symbols of the image by connecting myself with your HIGHER SELF and your SOUL TREE. The actual making of the portrait is instinctive-intuitive.

In the past 2 decades I mastered my gift of ‘conceiving visions’ with yoga and meditation. Creating an authentic visual language, that is in tune with our collective imagery bank, was another endeavor that took about 2 decades. All this experience I now use to create a unique Soul Portrait for you.


Creative process

I start by making connection with you Higher Self and Soul Tree. A shift of energy tells me I'm 'online'. I ask for symbols that we both can grasp; and for images that support your subconscious. I asked for symbols that can help you nurture and embrace your skills and powers with unconditional love to celebrate your journey with the world. I especially ask for symbols that reflect your beauty and strength and can support you in shining your light for the benefit of all.


After finishing the artwork I start writing. I share the experience of the visual creative process with you, intertwining the feeling orientated experiences with the explanation of the symbols and astrological information. The astrological information is gathered out of evolutionary astrology and an astrological mandala, which gives great pointers towards the essence of the energies your soul choses for expression.

Ella 2022-site.jpg

personal art

The Artwork


  • The portrait is created on thick white paper with egg tempera, oil crayons and oil paint.

  • The paper for L + XL is of exeptional quality with soft torn edges. S + XS is high quality paper with cut edges.


  • EXTRA SMALL:   36 cm x  48 cm

  • SMALL:             50 cm x  65 cm

  • LARGE:             58 cm x  76 cm

  • EXTRA LARGE:   75 cm x106 cm

The Extra's

  • Your unique piece of art comes with text (English or Dutch), about the visualized symbols in relation to your astrological birth chart. The artwork and text will provide depailed information and direction, about your origin and destiny.

      L + XL = 10-12 pages.

       XS + S =  7- 9 pages.

  • 1 hour life or call (for L + XL portraits) to investigate together what the portrait, symbols and astrology are telling you.

  • A mastered digital file: 20 x 30 cm, 150 dpi.

The Input


  • Your date and place of birth + time of birth if available.​​


  • The process needs more or less five weeks in total. Shipping time comes on top of it.


  • 50% before the start will be required & 50% after completion.

Owner Options

IMG_9079 kopie.jpg

Your Soulportrait is personal and unique. It's a representation of you, without it being a recognizable image of you. It's a work of art and therefor subject to the intellectual property of Anne Ahau. 

Anne Ahau will always have the right to create something new by combining imagery or collages, using (parts of) Soul Portraits she created. If you wish to have a say in how your Soul Portrait will be used Anne offers you 2 options. 


With this option you contribute to the legacy of soul co-creation. You confer and share your soul light, soul tree and spirit guides with others. It's all about sharing the magic of community and interconnectedness. 

EXTRA SMALL                                    750

excl. shipping, packaging and framing)


SMALL                                             950

(excl. shipping, packaging and framing)

LARGE                                           1.150

(excl. shipping, packaging and framing)

EXTRA LARGE                                € 1.650
(excl. shipping, packaging and framing)

SOUL 1/1

If you feel, you don't want to contribute on projects, Anne will honor that decision. Therefor the price for this 1/1 is higher than a Soul co creation portrait.


EXTRA SMALL                                 € 1.150

excl. shipping, packaging and framing)


SMALL                                           € 1.450

(excl. shipping, packaging and framing)

LARGE                                           € 1.850

(excl. shipping, packaging and framing)

EXTRA LARGE                                 € 2.550
(excl. shipping, packaging and framing)

Every day I enjoy my soul portrait of Anne.The portrait connects and fulfills (confirms) my daily decisions on my life path in beauty, gratitude and love.


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