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Before something materializes in the outer, it’s already there in our energy body. The artist in us can co-create by dreaming, sensing, and visualizing. It makes the birth into the next form easier. Doing this with a group is helping to feed, inspire and focus your imagination and energy.


We travel through 8 chakra’s with yoga, meditation, chanting and dancing. In between and afterwards, there will be time to creatively reflect on the message’s, feelings, and sensations your energy body is giving you. Making a collage is our main technique. You are also welcome to draw or combine.

Making a collage is a great method to let the subconscious mind work for you . The subconscious mind loves images. It can translate effortless the information that is already part of your energy body. Certain images and words will catch your attention, will speak to you. A picture can emerge out of nothing, showing the dream already materialized in the inner. The picture can be of great value in the weeks afterwards to see and feed the future within and ahead.

· DATE: 28-01-2024.

· TIME: 13:30 – 17:30, you are welcome from 13:15, we start on time.

· PLACE: Natural High Yoga, De Wittenstraat 78-1, 1052 BA Amsterdam, Nederland

· COSTS: Early bird until Januari 15.:

  • Bring your own materials €30,00, Use our materials €37,00;

  • from 15/1 €35,00 / €42,00

· MATERIALS: thick paper (choice between A2 or A3), glue, pencils, magazines.

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